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Hubei Institute Co.,Ltd of Pharmaceutical Industry is engaged professionally in new drug research and development. Our institute is located in No 12, Sandao street, Wuchang block, Wuhan city, occupies over an area of 10000 square metres. Our institute renamed in 1998 and transformed into technological enterprises in 2003, its predecessor was Hubei Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry inaugurated in 1958. There are two equity investment enterprises: Huhei Liyi Pharmaceutical Technology Limited Company and Hubei Keyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Our institute was engaged mainly on the drug-research missions issued by the government after setting up since 1958. Research field include Schistosomiasis drugs, Fertility drugs, Antiviral drugs, Cardiovascular disease drugs and Chinese herbal drugs. We gain more than 50 scientific research achievements awards, including 1 item of the Second Award of national Science and Technology Progress, 16 items of national Achievement Awards, 12 items of the First and the Second Awards of Hubei provincial Science and Technology Progress. We Make outstanding contributions on the realization of the basic national policy and the improvement of the health of the people. We obtain about 109 certificates of new drugs after the implementation of national regulations for new drug approval since 1985. There are 79 new drugs realize industrialization,and the achievements transformation rate reach 95%。

As the professional pharmaceutical industry research institutions in Hubei province,We provides new product research and development results and new technology service for many provincial pharmaceutical enterprises. We train large quantities of technical backbone, help many pharmaceutical enterprises from scratch, from small to large,from weak to strong and listed.

The Achievements and effects are in the forefront of the same industry. The new process for synthesis of antiviral drug Ribavirin was 6 years early before USA. The industry annual output of Ribavirin Ranked the first antiviral drug in 2003. The stomach drug “Livzon Dele” and the anti pregnancy drugs “Mifepristone” had made Guangdong Livzon pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd and Beijing Zizhu pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd rapid growth and became the famous pharmaceutical enterprises.